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Invent and create point of sale visibility

Be seen, recognised and seduce... To win over their potential customers, all businesses need a strong visual identity. And especially retail chains, for all their points of sale.

Specialist in point of sale design and communication, Saycom manages its clients’ projects from A to Z. Especially their creation, making, installation and follow-up:

A global and flexible approach

What is one of the advantages of Saycom? A global approach to the job, including 10 service ranges. All clients get their own solution according to their needs, from the most complicated to the most basic. Creation, engineering, prototyping, manufacture, installation, maintenance… Thus each client chooses their personalised service, complete or limited.

Thanks to its 60 professionals and the range of their expertise, Saycom takes direct responsibility for every aspect of the jobs entrusted to them. They do all of it, without passing anything on to intermediaries or sub-contractors.

What is the value added of this approach for Saycom clients?

  • A global and integrated vision of point of sale design and communication. With optimum coherence within their project, and also with the advantage of liaising with only one person on all aspects of the job, however complex.
  • The guarantee of complete quality control of Saycom products and services.
  • Total control of deadlines and costs.
  • Maximum flexibility and a high level of technical inventiveness for original and personalised solutions.

Service to retail chains

Thanks to its professional expertise and more than 50 years’ experience, Saycom successfully manages numerous wide-ranging projects. Our clients are mostly big national and international companies operating retail and services channels. Saycom offers them mass products and services. But the know-how is also put to use in creating and putting together smaller-scale products, sometimes even with unique items or projects.

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