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A study for complete knowledge of the terrain

To be completely up to speed with its aims, a visual communication project must take account of realities on the ground. Therefore it is essential to be familiar with the particular environment of each point of sale before installing advertising material. Saycom’s technicians therefore make a detailed study of these points of sale and their surroundings in order to effectively prepare a project.

In measurements and photos

What is the aim of this reconnaissance work? To detect anything that could have an effect on the placing and visibility of advertising material. Such as complying with any planning regulations, or the presence of a building in front of a sign, the dimensions and exterior aspect of a point of sale.... In practice, a photographic record and measurements are taken and a simulation carried out so that the client can register their approval with full appraisal of the particulars. All the details on each point of sale are itemised in a database managed by Saycom, which guarantees maximum efficiency.

Engineering Production