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Creative Studio

Graphic creations that bring the best ideas to life

What is the starting point for effective point of sale communication? A creative approach that makes an impression! To find the best ideas and transform them into a project, Saycom studios and their designers work with professionalism and inventiveness. What is their approach to the job? Applying the essential creative spark that makes a difference while taking technical constraints into account.

When inventiveness goes hand in hand with technical precision

Thanks to “Global Concept”, these designers are aware of the stages that follow their job and they work in close collaboration with other contributors in charge of prototyping, engineering and even production. The result of this is that the most creative projects become concrete products without losing their personality en route.

The latest in imaging for more precision

For maximum professionalism, the Saycom designers use the most dynamic 3D imaging software. These tools enable them to bring even more professionalism to their work, and also to perfectly visualise each project before it is undertaken. Each client can thus get a very precise idea of the final result and direct the project according to their wishes.

Recycling Prototyping