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The Global Concept, complete, personalised services

Making a success of a point of sale communication and design project entails managing a multitude of elements and calling on numerous skills.... Saycom backs this statement for developing its service offer, which has resulted in the “Global Concept”. This new approach to services guarantees each client a comprehensive and personalised response. Quite simply by making sure all client needs are covered, from the most basic to the most complicated, and by allowing the client to formulate their own solution.

What is the principle of the “Global Concept”? Saycom offers its clients a range of 10 services corresponding to the 10 possible phases in the life of a project or a product … Because these 10 services encompass the phases linked to communication and design of points of sale: creation, engineering, prototyping, manufacture, installation and even maintenance. Each client can choose from these services the ones they actually need.

Services à la carte

Thanks to the “Global Concept”, the client tailors the solution they are looking for. For example, by choosing a global management, which means that Saycom handles all the phases of their project, from A to Z. But each client can also request a more limited service by choosing à la carte the service or services they need.

An integrated approach for more value added

Thanks to their global services approach, Saycom covers all their clients’ needs by offering them:

  • maximum coherence between the different parts of the same project;
  • direct management of each service, without bringing in sub-contractors, and thus more flexibility as well as optimum quality and feasibility control;
  • only one person to liaise with per project, however complicated the project;
  • total control of deadlines and costs;
  • creations that always take into account technical constraints of production and implementation.

A global concept, 10 service ranges

Saycom’s “Global Concept” consists of 10 service ranges dedicated to point of sale communication.

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