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Sign’Net, a simple and dynamic online management tool

For maximum efficiency, managing a retail chain requires the help of dynamic tools. With this in mind, Saycom developed Sign’Net, an “online” point of sale management tool for its clients. Simple, comprehensive and secure, it provides them with 24-hour monitoring of Saycom’s work at each of their points of sale.

Clients better informed

Accessed via personal access codes, Sign’Net:

  • covers all of a client’s points of sale;
  • lists every job requested by a client and its progress;
  • enables day-to-day checking of schedules as well as the progress of production, deliveries and installations;
  • enables management and optimisation of projected work for each point of sale;
  • enables the client to send their requests for installation and work at any time and in a matter of minutes;
  • displays photos of work done by Saycom for each point of sale;
  • enables automatic notification within 24 hours of a job completed by Saycom technicians.
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